– Focuses in depth on helping you answer three fundamental questions: “Who am I deep down?”, “What am I really looking for in my spiritual quest?”, and “What is the deep motivation of my search?”

– Shows how integrity, perseverance, compassion and discernment are essential components of any lasting spiritual path

– Reveals the author’s own spiritual difficulties and how he reoriented his spiritual quest in a straightforward, less dogmatic way

Throughout his decades as a social activist and self-transformation teacher, as well as through his spiritual work with death row inmates, Pierre Pradervand noticed more and more people moving away from organized religion. He also realized that many were still seeking a spiritual dimension in their lives. Yet, with so many options available, especially so many “spiritual fast food” options, selecting the right spiritual path can be difficult.

In this guide, Pierre offers support for those embarking on an authentic spiritual search. He explores how to discover the practices that best correspond to your unique spiritual expectations. He focuses in depth on helping you answer three fundamental questions: “Who am I deep down?”, “What am I really looking for in my spiritual quest?”, and “What is the deep motivation of my search?” He shows how integrity, generosity, and discernment are essential components of any lasting spiritual path.

Revealing his own difficulties on the spiritual path, the author shares his journey to rediscover his spiritual power after losing it all. He explains how he reoriented his spiritual quest in a straightforward, less dogmatic way–which led him to discover the gentle art of blessing and the simple path to becoming an embodiment of divine love.

Showing how to cultivate your inner voice and intuition to become your own empowered spiritual authority, this guide reveals how to see more clearly, avoid pitfalls, open your spiritual horizons, and move toward your own unique spiritual path founded on discernment, perseverance, and divine love.


“Having known Pierre Pradervand for some 30 years, now, I can say that he belongs to the small number of spirituality authors who walk every single step of their talk. That is what makes each one of his words, each of the ideas presented so impactful. The books of Pierre Pradervand do not come from his intellect : they are the fruits of his very life, that he so generously shares with others.”
Olivier Clerc, author of “The Gift of Forgiveness and Healing the Wounds of the Heart”.

From the Foreword:
“To have a guide, trusted practices, and a sense of what to expect along the way are all invaluable investments on the spiritual journey. Taking the time to carefully read and consider the guidance in ‘The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment’ is just the kind of help our blossoming world of spiritual seekers requires. For many of us more seasoned travelers, there is a lot to be reminded of and often new insights still vital and important regardless of state or stage in the process. This is an endless journey and I welcome all the guidance and diverse perspectives I can get – I hope you do too. I also hope you will consider that your spiritual health is the foundation of all wellbeing for yourself and our planet. This book is a wonderful place to start!”
Jonathan Ellerby PhD, Claremont, CA, January 2022

“Pierre Pradervand’s beautiful book, ‘The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment’ is a rare and precious read, not only because the content is deeply profound and insightful, but also inspirational and wise. Simple in language and tone it is a heart-opening invitation for accelerated spiritual growth and conscious awakening.
This is a book written by that rare species of ‘root’ teachers, who, in our modern world, are now few and far between. The messages of these great lights convey the purest transmissions because they themselves are the very essence of their teachings: In other words; they walk their talk.
Turning the pages, one experiences a level of intimacy rarely achieved in the written form. It is like talking with an old, treasured friend; a spiritual mentor.
The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment’ is a book you will wish to keep close to hand long after you have read it.
At the very least it is a deep healing transmission; at the most, life-changing.”
Nicolya Christi, author of Love, God & Everything

“A very timely book that will serve many who are exploring their spiritual journey in their own unique and personal way.”
Jeff Genung, Co-founder of Contemplative Life, a non-profit organization that connects people and communities with transformative practices, and a core team member of Transformation365.org, an experiential practice network.

“This book by a true spiritual master asks the fundamental questions we all need to ask—and search to answer.  It opens the whole dimension of spirituality to the reader—genuine, lived spirituality, the inner authority we all need if we are to find our way in these critical times.”
Dr. Ervin Laszlo, author of over 100 books, systems scientist, philosopher. Founder of the Club of Budapest and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research.

“From beginning to end, Pierre Pradervand’s pen poetically dances. It’s like reading an epic poem without stanzas that literally pulls you in. The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment ​is a marvelous journey from beginning to end. As an example:
So, when winds and tempests howl or when the tempter whispers, “A compromise is absolutely essential” and attempts to make us avoid the challenges we need to grow and stay awake, let us at all costs hold firmly on to that inner fountain constituted by our integrity – for in it resides true life. “
Steve Farrell, Co-founder and Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity’s Team

“From the moment I began reading Pierre’s wonderful book, The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment, at 3:15am this morning, I literally could not put it down. My hungry soul drank in every word of his highly inspirational stories, examples, quotes, and teachings! I didn’t want it to ever end. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again and again for this powerful experience! I now feel fully alive, ready to take on the world!” Shannon Peck
Shannon Peck has been a spiritual healer for over 35 years with a global practice spanning many parts of the world for healing and life purpose guidance. She has authored numerous books on love, healing, and past life soul regression, including Love Heals and Angels on Earth, and The Love You Deserve, (co-authored with her husband Scott Peck). She and her husband are co-founders of The Love Center. Currently Shannon writes an inspirational healing blog often covering the topic of love.




“What a joy and privilege to review “The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment” A guide to Discovering Your Personal Path.
Pierre Pradervand through this book “The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment” A guide to Discovering your Personal Path, has made an immense contribution to the emerging spiritual worldview of our culture. This book distils the profound thoughts and insights of many philosophers and prophets of both ancient and current times. It is a guide to help the reader to navigate through the confusion and illusion of the modern materialistic paradigm. It shows us the pathway to finding a more meaningful, peaceful, and loving relationship with ourselves and ultimately our relationship with a higher presence – God. Pierre Pradervand’s quest to understand and embody the concept of Divine Consciousness, unconditional love and the power of blessings has spanned over fifty years on a personal and most challenging journey.
This book is exceptional in breadth and depth as the author explores and questions some of the deepest and most troubling topics that consume our world today, God, religion, spirituality, meaning of life and the prevailing question – who am I? Together they cover the most pressing existential questions that face humanity, both personally and collectively. The author explains that “spirituality is a highly personal affair and that your wise and only guide is your own heart”. This reminds me of the famous blind lady Helen Keller who said, “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”. The author asks us to use discernment in our search for deep meaning through the many questions he poses to the reader throughout. This book guides the reader to find his own inner temple and co-exist in the presence of Divine love. But most of all, this book reflects the ideas and values which have informed the author’s lifelong quest for spiritual discernment: ideologies and values that the author has imbibed and assimilated from great teachers and philosophers. This can only be summed up by the words Reverence for Life. A truly outstanding gift to the world from a man who lives the role of Divinity in motion. Infinite Blessings.”
Mariel Forde Clarke ~ Author: Where-After “Where Do our Loved Ones go After they Die? https://www.goodreads.com/

“Many religious traditions encourage you to find a spiritual mentor, guru, director, or guide who might listen to your stories along the spiritual journey and help direct the way to what you seek. This book suggests, instead, that the best path is one you self-discover.
The author holds a PhD in sociology from the Sorbonne in Paris and lives in Switzerland. He begins with a “Blessing for Spiritual Seekers” that includes this:
“I bless all those who are on an honest spiritual quest. I bless them I their courage to break away from old moorings that keep them in stagnant waters and to embark onto the unchartered territories of their soul and the moving seas of spiritual adventure.”
The author doesn’t warn people away from religious authorities so much as he sees the spiritual path as essentially individual and personal. “It is important to point out right from the beginning,” he explains early on, “that spirituality is a highly personal affair.” Later he adds, “If you wish to preserve both your freedom and your authentic identity, you will have to make your own choices.”
The book asserts that the sacred (or Sacred) is to be found within the human heart and through the senses. No other person can tell you how to do that in and for yourself.
There’s much good advice. For instance, Chapter 7 — “Spiritual Tool Kit” — includes short sections on meditation, mental discipline, regular pauses during the day, prayer, the practice of divine presence, and then what he calls “physical practices,” which include yoga, fasting, and tai chi.
Chapter 8 is all about finding personal healing through the practice of blessing, which is common across religious and spiritual traditions. Applicable practices of blessing, for yourself and others, are offered. (See the spiritual practice accompanying this review for a sample.) This is where a book designed for self-discovery also becomes about using one’s spiritual path to help others.”
Book Review by Jon M. Sweeney

“This is a book about healing. Not just healing an ailing body or mind. It is about healing a sense of separation from the All-Encompassing, Unconditional Love of our Creator. It is about recovering from the seeming fall from grace, and reclaiming our divinely mandated experience of heaven on earth… This book is not about fixing, reforming, or improving the body; it is about fixing, reforming, and improving our relationship to Love—which can and often does lead to physical healing…
“Perhaps today, more than any other time in the Earth’s history, humanity needs to reclaim this pure and essential teaching. “The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment” delivers it in a kind, non-judgmental manner to anyone wanting to manifest peace and well-being, even in a turbulent world…
“I recommend that you read “The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment: A Guide to Discovering Your Personal Path” slowly, contemplate the ideas, the stories, the messengers, commit them to heart. It will be a sure friend as you cross the desert stretches of doubt, fear, and confusion, and at last realize that you are a transcendent being, loved beyond measure.”
Click here to read this excellent review in full
Robin Gregory

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful book by Pierre Pradervand, truly an author after my own heart.  Without doubt, the reader will find so many inspirational points of guidance here, as the author outlines the simplest path to achieving the most noble goal of becoming the embodiment of Divine Love.  Above and beyond every other “way to the Kingdom”, the exalted Path of cultivating an all-embracing Universal Love will answer your every question, eliminate all confusion, and deliver every Blessing possible…for Love is the name of God.

Throughout this book, so easy to understand, so profound in measure ~ the author outlines the stellar qualities we need on this noble path to the wide embrace of all existence, for making the achievement of complete Divine Love a complete and transcendent success, one with limitless horizons of spiritual advancement for the aspirant to unfold…as he/she cultivates the Divine heart of countless chambers, capable of enfolding all, melting all error with forgiveness, oneness and the many spiritual tools we have to enfold even the worst offenders.  I love the tool of Blessing each and every person and situation, recognizing the Presence there, no matter how unapparent, no matter how hidden.  Blessing is a great transformative power, changing even so-called enemies, whether situation or person, into a gold mine of good….healing not only everyone and everything, but one’s self as well.

The author shares with us the most poignant and enjoyable stories, so strongly illuminating the all-power of Love and Humility, rising far beyond the mere intellectual, bringing us past every barrier of time and space right into the Heart of God.  Mantras fill my soul with delight now after reading the joyful timeless story of the 3 men on the shore who did not know how to pray in the acceptable way of the time, yet, because of Love and Oneness flowed as a body of light over the waters, awakening the Bishop who had come to “instruct” them of the “Proper way”… to a simpler way, incomprehensible to the rational mind. We glean the great difference between living Truth in humility and intellectual dogma, rituals and ways.  Or, like the Indians seeing God in everything, we now can behold all of life as the living “Temple of the Most High”.  Most of all, I loved the story of the Master and the humble student, whose mantra was “Always You”.  Yes, always the face of God is within.

Rejoice in finding your own glowing Path beyond convention, beyond tradition, beyond recriminations, anger and hate, beyond rules and regulations, as you find your own key to the mansion of your Spirituality, the giant within.  I am reminded of the great poet, mystic and philosopher ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson…as our author Pierre Pradervand reveals a major Secret of the Ages… “To thine own self be true!”  “The Kingdom is already within.”  Know the Universe as it is ~ always governed by the regal attributes of Love and Harmony.

Thank you so much for this wonderful book, Pierre!”
Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff
Founder, Head Minister at New Thought International (An Association of Global Centers for World Peace & Enlightenment), Author/Bridge Of The Gods & 10 Book Series on Attaining Divine Consciousness

“‘Gentle’ is indeed a key word to describe the way in which Pierre Pradervand approaches spiritual discernment. His book is very easy and pleasant to read, but in the meantime it gives profound and authentic advice. Not at all in a strict way, but in a very relaxed way, with personal anecdotes which are so meaningful. The wonderful act of blessing someone is typically Pierre and makes such a difference. When reading this book I felt uplifted all the way through. I cherish the way Pierre handles spiritual issues.”
Emy ten Seldam ~ Hoofdredacteur BRES Magazine