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Can you imagine what it would feel like to never feel any resentment for any wrong done to you? To respond with full awareness to all situations rather than react from your gut? What freedom that would entail! Well, this is just one of the gifts the practice of blessing from the heart, sending out focused love energy, will do for you.

This book, from the bestselling author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, will help you learn to bless all situations and people as you go through the day and add overwhelming joy and presence to your existence.

Excerpts from the foreword by Ervin Laszlo

“We need a new consciousness, and achieving it calls for a leap – a leap of faith as well as of courage. The author of this book offers a shining example of that leap, thanks to a deep and initially traumatic experience he had. Now we, his readers, can accomplish this leap without undergoing a traumatic experience, simply by reading his book and following his example: offering blessings in at least as many of the 365 days of the year as we can…

“We need a new consciousness, and we need to act differently. Instead of revenge we need to practice forgiveness, instead of all-out competition, we need embracing love, and in place of looking for our own advantage in every situation, we need to embrace everyone concerned – and do so unconditionally…

“If your example would catch on and help create a sort of blessing-epidemic in the world, the effort would pay off. It would realize not only the intention of the author of this book, but the intention of well-thinking and ethical people everywhere. Realizing that intention could be our best hope for the future — perhaps our only realistic hope. Read this book and offer your blessings today.”

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Reviews –

  • I’m relishing your pages for so many reasons. Because you’ve included blessings for specific groups of people -nurses, homeless, politicians, etc. It stirs awareness and care. It draws us closer together and widens the circle of compassion. It includes not only blessings composed by you but also some that come from other individuals and cultural groups provides a variety of voices that enliven the book and encourage me with the idea that the practice of blessing is coming from many corners. That is mighty comforting. The intros you provide for each blessing orient and guide in ways that shed light on the blessings without thwarting a reader’s own creative interpretation and application. The instances where you link the blessor to the blessee bring the practice full circle, reminding us how we are all inextricably intertwined, that we find our own in another’s good, that “what blesses one blesses all.”
    ~ Bunny McBride, author of By The Light of the Moon
  • Blessing is an art and practice desperately needed in our time. Pierre Pradervand’s exploration of blessing—personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal—is a cooling balm for an age bleeding from hot bombs. If you dare to live this book you will be changed on the first and perhaps transformed by the last day.
    ~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent and The World Wisdom Bible
  • Anyone working to heal personal, societal, world situations, no matter what religious or spiritual path they follow, will benefit immensely from Pierre’s compilation of blessings. There is so much that needs healing in our world, and this is a book that will touch many because it speaks to the heart and gently reminds us of our oneness with the Divine.
    ~ Fr. Richard Rohr, author and Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM
  • If we are on an evolving path to realize everything is Consciousness we may well be on an evolving path to also understand that nothing in the world of the Heart is really impossible. These 365 daily challenges remind us of the sheer breadth of the worlds that can be brought into Love by The Gentle Art of Blessing.
    ~ Kurt Johnson, co-author The Coming Interspiritual Age
  • How radically different our world would be if more people used the power they have to bless others rather than engage in the vitriol that has come to define so much of our social discourse. Let this beautiful book by Pierre Pradervand help you cultivate the healing, transformative practice of offering blessing.
    ~ Rev. Diane Berke, Founder & Spiritual Director, One Spirit Learning Alliance
  • I couldn’t stop reading. From one page to the next, it filled me with such love! What a total blessing it is! On every page you will know what it is to feel deeply blessed and to experience the power and beauty of this to lift you into a great light of love! Pierre Pradervand is a master teacher of the spiritual art of blessing! Your heart will be full! You will feel it! If all those who long for love would learn the art of blessing, it would end loneliness, sadness, and depression forever. And hearts everywhere would feel comforted and connected, lit with love!
    ~ Shannon Peck, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love
  • Pierre’s first book, The Gentle Art of Blessing (now in seven languages) helped readers discover a completely new vision of blessing and a simple practice which has changed the lives of thousands all around the world. This second book offers you a means of truly participating in the healing of the world – not to mention of yourself. It will enable you to raise your level of inspiration at the start of every new day and will slowly start changing even your relations to others.
    ~ Steve Farrell Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity’s Team
  • What a labor of love your newest book is. Wow! Thank you for offering this to a hungering planet. Pierre’s life, and this precious book, are an invitation to abide in an affectional consciousness. He leaves no situation or relationship unblessed, modeling for us, a devotional practice that embraces our world in grace. Anyone who yearns to feel the presence of Love, will find it in the application of each blessing offered.
    ~ Sanford C. Wilder, Founder, The Educare Unlearning Institute and author Listening to Grace: Unlearning Insights and Poems
  • “365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World is a remarkable game-changing book. It is full of surprises and original insights which have the effect of changing your perspective on life, spiritual reality, the transformation of the world and your own power to be an agent of blessing. You will find you won’t be able to stop blessing everyone and everything in your life.”
    ~ James O’Dea is former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and celebrated author, activist and mystic.
  • “This beautiful book can help you to realize that blessings are all around you, and even more importantly, that you are a blessing.”
    ~ Frederick Burks, Executive Director, Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service (PEERS)
  • … In these two beautiful books (The Gentle Art of Blessing and 365 Blessings to Heal myself and the world) Pierre gently walks us though his and others’ experiences in life and how blessings, given and received, have proven the Divine truths within the teaching of Josheau Emmanuel the Christ. John 15:12 as one example.
    One of Pierre’s own humble comments says it best; after all the wisdom contained in the two books mentioned above, he says, “A last comment: it goes without saying that I still consider myself a beginner on the spiritual path and the practice of blessing, and someone who is almost daily learning from the people who write to him.”
    There is a bright, bright, light shining out from those humble words!
    ~ Ed Schulte
  • “The universal spirituality and practical wisdom packed into this amazing volume makes it a great gift. There is a deep spirituality and love evoked by this wonderful collection of blessings which appear to come from a formless universal Source – a Source to be found within the consciousness of each individual and in all spiritual traditions. However, you do not need to be part of any religion or spiritual path to be inspired by these pages. In many of the blessings there is an underlying message of shifting from head to heart to awaken the deep feeling of empathy and compassion – and in other cases of encouragement to fully embrace an integrated sense of self that embodies both head and heart.
    “This book is part of the movement of spiritual activism surfacing around the world. This is summarized in two lines from the blessing from Andrew Harvey on page 310:  “Oh Beloved, May I not pray for the poor without working tirelessly to end the systems that thrive on poverty” …and… ”May I be saved from the subtle and lethal hypocrisy that would make me believe I love you when I risk nothing to make this love real in your world!” As I read the book, I felt that Pierre Pradervand has tapped into the same source as Aldus Huxley who defined the Perennial Tradition of recognizing universal truth from many cultures and traditions to help us all live in greater unity and oneness on our little planet. This book is a real jewel!”
    ~ Ronald Radford. St Louis, MO
  • “The gift that Pierre Pradervand gave me in 365 Blessing to Heal Myself and the World is far greater than its treasure trove of eloquent inspired blessings for each day of the year, profound as they are.  Pierre included blessings from many cultures as well as the ones that he has composed and I saw how universal the idea of blessing is. It led me to reflect on the idea that there must be some common Source energy of Love that initiates a desire to bless.  The book prompted me to ask, “What if the desire to bless is in response to being magnanimously blessed by a divine Love?” So, as we surrender ourselves to this Mercy of God and allow ourselves to be blessed, we feel this divine Fullness filling us, overflowing and living Itself into our desire to share this life of God with others – which is one way to define the “urge” to bless. The book helped me to see that blessing happens in spite of ourselves because it is a divine imperative to give out what we receive as a constantly flowing dynamic circle. What if the divine Source is so generous that as we respond to it we find ourselves overflowing?
    “There may be many ways to bless the world other than the wonderful blessings in this book but an understanding of the gracious, loving powerful Heart of God that called these blessings forth can only be enhanced by reading this beautiful, compassionate and unique book!”
    ~ Robin Radford. St Louis, MO
  • An incredibly diverse and helpful compendium of blessings that lift up justice.
    The author believes blessings have great transformative and healing power that is set in motion by pure intention and sincerity of heart. Another quality is necessary, and that is perseverance — the ability to not give up when the blessing path seems crooked or headed to a dead end. The sun may shine through a dark time in our lives because a friend sends us a blessing just when we need it most. The blessings here, some original and others collected from a wide variety of sources, are listed chronologically.
    ~ Review by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat of Spiritual Practices
    Read the full review here –
  • “What a wonderful concept—to bring healing to ourselves and the world through blessings! Bestselling author, Pierre Pradervand, who has devoted his life to bless the people of the world, wrote The Gentle Art of Blessing. In it, he explains the transformative and healing impact on his life of Jesus’ words, “Bless those who curse you.”
    Reading this book can change your perspective, and a change of perspective can change your life. After reading this book, you may think differently about nurses, about the people you work with, about people you disagree with, about religions—all in a good way.
    This book opens up thought and allows space for healing. And who doesn’t need more space and healing?
    I love this book and am so grateful to have found it. The message can change lives. And it is simple and doable—bless instead of curse. And by blessing others, we feel blessed.
    ~ Review By Cliff Foerster
    Read the full review –
  • ” The premise of the book is great and the author really delivers. Great read. Highly recommended.” Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. 
    – February 8, 2021/ Marianna Plawinska (Media, NetGalley)
  • “I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to make a difference by blessing people all around them and to benefit from the blessings themselves. You will be inspired to think and speak differently about people and situations that often make you angry or judgmental. This book inspired me to bless people all around me every day and to make a difference in my life as well as the world.”
    ~ Excerpts of an official review – July 21 2019 – of “365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World” by LV2R.
    To read the entire review, please click here
  • Powerful, evocative, and permeated with spiritual energy, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World: Really Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday Life by Pierre Pradervand is a spiritual gem, a compendium of blessings for every single day of the year, each opening up a portal into the soul of humanity, a fresh view of divinity, each an immersion into the gentle love that creates, heals, nourishes, and empowers us and the world around us. This book is the perfect tool that helps readers create a new consciousness of wellness and it is incredible in that it reminds readers of their power to utter blessings upon themselves and upon the world.
    It opens with a powerful blessing, one that speaks to me in a special way: “I bless myself sincerely and joyfully for being the utterly beautiful divine creature I am, at one with the Source of infinite Love.” Here is a blessing that reminds us of the beauty of who we are. While the blessings in this book allow us to speak healing and love into our human experience, they remind us of the power to transform life by developing an attitude that is God-like. In a world broken by evil, hatred and negative energy, Pierre Pradervand’s writing reminds us that we are bigger than our pain, that we can transcend the darkness of our human frailty and rediscover the light of hope, that we can change perspective by communicating something positive in every day we live. Pierre Pradervand’s 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World: Really Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday Life is a gift to be received with gratitude and to pass on generously.
    ~ Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite January 2019
  • Each of the Blessings come with a note of explanation, with a particularly enjoyable one to commence this refreshingly new way of viewing the world, being Day 2 Blessing Myself, something we often forget to do in or busy lives.  As Pradervand says, ‘it is particularly difficult to really love and bless others from the heart if we do not start with loving ourselves’.
    As the book slowly unfolds, the idea of blessings being freely given becomes a very normal consciousness, costs nothing at all and can be carried out at any time, any place and for anyone which will bring rewards that are rich and wonderful.
    Pradervand is at pains to point out this is not a trick; it is something that must and needs to come from the heart, to be truly believed. Day 356 is The Last Word on Walk Your Talk which is a beautiful way to conclude what could, can and will be, not just life changing but world changing in its pure simplicity and power.
    Enjoy the moment when you realize life really is a case of ‘my heart is covered with honey’ a traditional response from the Moba of North Togo when asked how they are!
    ~ Jan Mawdesley from Bluewolf Reviews, reprinted in Conscious Living Magazine
  • How uplifting, beautiful, and inspiring is the video created from 365 Blessings …I just LOVE IT, not to mention Pierre’s captivating and provocative book. I have just voted on Goodreads and the book will be my primary Christmas gift to all of my family and friends!!
    ~ Anne M.
  • I enjoyed this book immensely. Reading this was like taking a vitamin for your soul and well being.
    ~ V.  Nunez, NetGalley
  • This book adds an ounce of love to your day!
    This is the third book of Pierre Pradervand’s that I have read, and as with the others, they are a great recipe to add more love into your life! Each day you can read a blessing for the various issues, like blessing teachers, raising world consciousness, overcoming alcoholism, being grateful, all kinds of things. It was great because I could just open it up and read what spoke to me that day. I also love the Native American blessings. Thank you for once again giving us the recipe to increase the love in our lives!
    ~ Amazon customer – October 8, 2018
  • What began as a for some life-crippling moment of losing one’s job started a domino-effect of positivity for Pradervand. That alone, makes for a beautiful premise. You cannot fathom the good that you can do and how much this book can change your life. It has already helped us in immeasurable ways. We are going to milk 365 Blessings for all it is worth.
    ~ Ginae B. Goodreads member
  • Love this book! This is a way to bless our world in so many different ways. I have enjoyed using this book and the blessings contained within it. I have multiple bookmarks marking some of my favorite ones to use. I decided to start using blessings to try and help bring more peace and unity to our world.
    ~Evelyn Rossin, comment on
  • “I really like the layout of this book, with a short introduction and bite-sized prayers for each day.  It’s the perfect way to start your day, even if you have very busy mornings.  The prayers come from all cultures and walks of life, which brings sense of global continuity to the book, and there are prayers for everything!  Prayers for the homeless, jobless, and sick; prayers to overcome struggles; prayers for various family members and community members….each day it’s something new, and that really brings your focus upon some small piece of the world for that day…a piece that maybe you’d been missing out on before.”
    ~ Yvie F, Educator, recommends strongly
  • “Although I have read quite a few spiritual style books before I have never really come across the term blessings before so I didn’t  know what to expect at first. This is a really interesting book with a good foreword at the beginning and before each daily blessing. I now interpret the word blessing as a prayer and of course there are 365 of them, from many diverse backgrounds and covering many people and or situations. I cannot say that I have diligently read the whole book from start to finish but I have read a fair bit and I have come to the conclusion that I would not use it daily but would prefer to dip in and out of it especially if there was a certain situation that was troubling me and I could find a relevant blessing. I think this book has the ability to maybe not change your life immediately but certainly to change your thinking which will eventually impact on your life.”
    ~ ANNE R, Reviewer
  • “This is a beautifully written book with some lovely blessings for every day of the year. All the blessings vary in tone & message and puts a in a great head space to start the day. I am enjoying using these blessings every day.”
    ~ Lindsay A, Reviewer
  • “I love the idea of blessing every day. This book is filled with blessings for everyday of the year. It is beautifully written. I can’t wait to purchase a hard copy of this book for my nightstand, so I can read it every day. Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of it.”
    ~ Rose Frum (Netgalley Reviewer)
  • “This is a lovely book that you will want to buy a hard copy of right away. It is filled with blessings from all different religions that touch your soul. The author has included Native American Blessings that truly are some of the most poignant I have every read. I recommend you start each day reading a blessing from this book. It will uplift you for the day and inspire you to new heights.
    A wonderful book that I highly recommend. This body of work was done with love and attention to every blessing a reader may need. A very touching book.”
    ~ Jan M. Davis – July 10, 2018. Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity to review this wonderful book.
  • “Possibly one of the most beautiful books to use to heal not only your life but others. This is the perfect way to start or end each day. My way is to pick up the book and simply let it fall open on any page, because in my opinion, what you find when the book falls open like this is what you need to enrich your life at that moment in time. Obviously, we each have our own methods to absorb books especially those we use to enrich our lives. Yours might be to start on Day 1 and work your way through each day until you reach Day 365. Pierre Pradervand has a fascinating story to tell of how this book came to be written. His story resonated with me and now, thanks to not only reading about his life but absorbing these blessing have helped me find peace within myself for past hurts and as I work through the days, it will become easier. What convinced me that the book could benefit me is that Pierre Pradervand has included blessings from all religions. For me, some of the most powerful come from the North American Indians and I offer a very special blessing that not all the knowledge of this very deeply spiritual nation was not wiped out when other humans moved to the continent. You will not regret owning a copy of this book. Hopefully, like me, you will find daily peace while working your way through the 365 blessings.”
    ~ Rony G Cambell, Breakaway Reviewers
  • “365 Days of Blessings to Heal Myself & the World by Pierre Pradervand is all about how blessing everything can transform your life and the world. This idea takes the concept of gratitude and flips it on its side. Blessing things go a step further than simply being grateful. Blessings give thanks and appreciation for the existence of everything- it’s about simply recognizing them for what they are and not necessarily what they can give you in return. Blessings allow you to see the divinity in all creations which can bestow happiness and goodness upon everything. To bless people and situations that are challenging is the ultimate form of giving because you remove your ego from the act, making blessings the highest octave of selflessness. At first I was a little skeptical, but I experimented for a couple of days- waking up first thing in the morning and blessing my day and my family, and everything I experienced during the day. I have to admit that it lightened my mood and dramatically shifted my perspective. When you bless everything that crosses your path you suddenly have no reason to be upset at anything. It helps you to accept things the way they are which brings a sense of peace. The days I experimented with this technique were pretty easy so I would be curious to see how this would work on more challenging days. Blessing your enemies and struggles is easier said than done, so I do think you have to train yourself in order for this to become routine. Is Pierre Pradervand being a little naive suggesting that every person can do this? I’m not sure, but I do think for the average person, wishing good for your opponents and challenges first requires a lot of inner work and self-reflection. The part that really drove home this practice was when Pierre discussed how blessings honour the unfolding of fate. When we bless things we acknowledge their presence in our life allowing us to fully surrender- which puts us in a receiving state. Blessings aren’t meant to be a material cure all, but they do help to align us to our path, because we remove the greatest obstacles from this path which is usually ourselves. The book then lists many blessings we can use in our everyday lives- from blessing ourselves, to our mail carriers, to the world, to our enemies, and so forth. Blessings from different cultures are also include. There does seem to be some memorization of these blessings that is required because how else would you be able to remember what to say? (*)I would have liked some more practical examples from others who have used these techniques to see how their lives have been transformed using them. Overall a beautifully written book on a practice that I believe will bring peace to many people around the world.”
    ~ Tanja Flanjak (Reviewer), NetGalley   (*)Healing testimonies
  • Wonderful Book!
    I haven’t finished this book yet, but it has changed my life. It explains the art of blessing, completely. It has helped me to reflect on the blessings in my life. I have always read that our thoughts create our reality, but I never realized the importance of this. I bless the man that wrote this book, it has changed my life. Thank you!
    ~ DMP, September 29, 2018
  • Lovely Book
    Please read it and become inspired! Put blessing into daily practice and see what happens to your outlook on life. Above all, don’t forget to bless yourself.
    ~ DA Campbell, November 8, 2018
  • The gentle practice of blessing is the most powerful way to bring love and peace into the world. This book is gentle, but it opens the heart to deeper love.
    ~ Myrna Seibert, November 28, 2018
  • A Powerful Process for Improving LifeThe books on Blessing by Pierre Pradervand have been powerful tools for change in my life, and in the lives of many people I have shared them with. The Gentle Art of Blessing began changing my life for the better within weeks of my starting to read it. This book, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World, is a rich and deep dive into blessings from around the world. I have been blessed many times over by using the process in my life, and by many people who have thanked me for sharing with them, both these books, and the process of blessing.
    ~ Timothy Hayes, PhD ~ Review on Amazon
  • Love the idea of keeping a blessing attitude
    I enjoy Pierre Pradervand’s other book on blessings, so I expected I would like this. I like his incorporation of blessings from other traditions too.
    ~ Karin
Reader comments –

  • Having been an avid reader all my life and then discovering Pierre’s work before receiving a fatal diagnosis of Stage IV Prostate Cancer, I honestly recommend it as one of the most transformational books I ever encountered. Even in severe pain or dire medical treatments my spirit is uplifted and released by the daily morning readings which always and all ways comfort my inner anguish and inspire me to offer my own little blessings into the larger world identified by the range of needy folk and phenomena this beautifully energizing book points out. It balances me and enables me to accept my precious breathing during the end of days while simultaneously pouring out my unique blessings to people and life-forms I would never be aware of without Pierre’s compassionate guidance and eloquent text. Every day for as long as I live, I live fully and wholly in a vast life I could never imagine nor savour without this book by my bedside for morning blessings in all directions, so with every breath even while asleep I can fortify those others suffering as well as myself because I have a channel to connect to each and all with the endless capacity to wish good and feel love that is our essence.
    Greg, Canada
  • I have already told you what a blessing (more than one hundred fold) your words have been and continue to be. I repeat with all my heart how your words have changed my spiritual path in my eighties and deeply enriched my life.
    Roger, UK
  • I read the Foreword and the Introduction yesterday. Then proceded to the first Blessing.
    Cannot describe what a profound difference it made during my whole day. Thank you!
    Mary Perrodin
  • Today I have found the inspiration I have needed to continue with my own life’s desire and continual commitment to live and be love …..Thank you all so much for your work in bringing love to light. I saw The Blessing Of An Unending Love ( Day 210 in the book) in the latest issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine – I am a Contributing Writer for them. I am deeply touched by what I have read …. In Deepest Gratitude
    Ellie Blair
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