The Bangkwang Central Prison prison is nicknamed “Big Tiger” (because it has the reputation of “eating up” inmates who are imprisoned there.) Many inmates still wear ankle shackles. It also has the reputation of being by far the worst prison in Thailand and even in S-E Asia.

The author, Cedric, is a Cameroonian citizen who was arrested on what he claims are false charges of drug trafficking and received a 25 year sentence. Spiritually speaking, Roger’s book saved his life.

How did this book end up in a forlorn prison close to ten thousand miles from where it was published, and how did he get my address, is one of these mysterious paths of divine grace. How, once there, did it get into his hands is still another mystery I hope to clear up with Cedric.

That Roger continues changing lives in a hell close to ten thousand miles from where he resides is a marvel and stresses once more the power of the lived example of one who lives a life of total integrity and constant service with forgiveness and love as his only tools.

Hi there Mr. Pierre Pradervand,
NB: (Please forgive my grammatical and spelling mistakes. It’s a long time since I practised French. Thank you)

Allow me to seize this opportunity to steal some of your precious time. If you get to read this letter, it confirms once more that the Lord never ceases to manifest his unconditional love. For the circumstances in which I obtained your address are simply a miracle.

My name is Cedric, I come from Cameroon. It is now four years that I have been incarcerated (I received a 25 year sentence). I am writing to manifest my gratitude towards you and Mr. Roger McGowen for initiating the project that gave birth to this spiritual encyclopedia, Messages of Life from Death Row .   Before, I used to read simply to distract myself, to evade the daily torture, until I happened upon this book which has become for me a therapy, a treatment which my tortured mind was in such need of. Even for a person who has committed  inhuman crimes, it is hell to be behind these bars and put up with the mistreatment, not to mention one who is innocent.

I am full of admiration and respect for the supreme spirituality, the unconditional love and philosophy with which Mr. Roger McGowen broached the themes of life and death, the mysterious world in which we find ourselves. This book is a gift of God.

I threw myself rather adventurously into this part of the world in my search for a reasonable life. Alas, instead of crossing the path of a charming princess I crossed the path of the prison princess who immediately slipped on my finger a ring for a married life of 25 years, simply because I found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. The police had come to stop certain people from trafficking in illegal substances and picked me up to. And here I am, accused without any solid proof but what could I do – I had no defense.

All was like a nightmare that one hopes will stop as soon as it finishes, but alas to date it simply doesn’t end.

Human justice has meanders which even reason cannot explain. Mr. Roger explains it so well when he writes: ”Some things are just not to be made sense of. ” But thank God, there are always people like you ready to share an umbrella to a homeless person during the disastrous rainy season.

May you be blessed like all those around the world who sacrifice – be it only a few seconds – to pray for the lost souls.

To hear of the inhuman conditions reigning in the prisons of what is supposed to be the most civilized country (the USA, PP) leads me to simply not complain, whatever the treatment received in this part of the world where they do not care about human rights (no dignity for the human race here).  I live my ordeal stoically and Roger’s book guides me daily. I pray for all those in the free world who live without chains,  without a cage to confine them, without diseases which chain them to a hospital bed – but who persist in living for trivialities and finish up imprisoning themselves in a prison of their own making – to find rapidly the resources to free themselves. As Roger writes: “Not to fight life but walk with it as in a kind of dance where each has a chance to lead”.

Once I was in this situation, I understood one must never take life for granted, for it is a gift, and one should appreciate every instant. I remain in total suspense wondering what has happened to Roger. For it is exactly ten years since the English book was published and certainly many things have happened in the meantime. It is a shame that I have only just now read the book . But I pray that, whatever has happened, it is to Roger’s advantage.

It is now four years since I have been cut off from the rest of the world. I so would like to correspond with someone, but since I am here I have not had any chance to do so. So I am using this opportunity to implore you, if you have the chance, to get a correspondent for me – anyone. Please do this for me. I will be infinitely happy and grateful.

Mr. Pierre, you are a gift of God. “May God’s will be done” in your life and the lives of all those families around the world whom you are helping daily (maybe without even knowing it). Amen.

NB: Anyone wishing to write to me can do it in French, English, Spanish and Chinese. (I occupy my days learning the Chinese language).

August  12, 2019