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–Kozo Hattori, on Jan 19, 2016
Pierre PradervandPierre Pradervand is someone who has devoted his whole life to blessing. His website includes blog entries, videos, testimonials, audio blessings, spiritual texts, and blessing circles. He is also the author of The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World.

On the last Awakin Call with Pierre Pradervand, we were able to glimpse just how deep Pierre’s life-long dedication to blessing goes.

Serving the World, Not the Self

Early on in Pierre’s life, he had a sense of service and what his role on this planet was. Growing up in England during World War II, Pierre received the blessings of love and compassion for others from his grandmother. After he finished college in Switzerland, he spent an entire year working in the slums of Marseille.

When the U.N. offered him a lifetime contract with a salary twice the Geneva average, two months vacation per year, access to special U.N. shops, and no taxes, Pierre said no! “I saw that I had become a good little bourgeois with a nice little wife, a nice little house, two nice little children, and a car. And I would fall asleep at the beginning of my life. That is not what I came on this planet for.”

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